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Sofitel hainan (international five-star)


Modern French fashion

从进入酒店的那壹刻起, 便仿佛乘上时光机感受壹趟艺术的时间之旅, 

它将带人进入另壹个神秘世界, 不同的空间和时间格局。 

酒店每间客房均巧妙地配合家居的舒适气氛及尊尚品味,室内空间,从装饰设计到灯具、家具、饰品的选择上, 都延续了整体酒店的主题。

完美融合了宏伟壮丽与细致精巧的风格,是经典法式古典贵族奢华主义的再现, 它超越了传统的法式时尚, 独壹无二。

豪华房套房等都已以现代风格爲主, 加壹些新古典造型元素, 时尚中不乏沉穏。 

色调上以暖色爲主, 酒店总统套房以古典法式爲主, 体现客人的尊贵身份地位, 时尚法式爲主, 加入壹些现代装饰元素, 綫条里细节的微妙变化凸显独特的品质。 

From the moment I entered the hotel, I felt like taking a time machine to experience an artistic journey of time.

It will take people into another mysterious world, different spatial and temporal patterns.

Each guest room of the hotel skillfully cooperates with the comfortable atmosphere of the home and the taste of honor. The interior space, 

from the decoration design to the choice of lamps, furniture and ornaments, continues the overall theme of the hotel. 

A perfect blend of grandeur and subtlety,It is the reproduction of the classic French classic aristocratic luxury, 

which transcends the traditional French fashion and is unique. Luxurious room suite already with contemporary style give priority to, 

add element of a few neoclassic modelling, there is no lack of in vogue heavy.

The hotel presidential suite is dominated by classical French, which reflects the guests' noble status and fashionable French.

Add a few contemporary adornment element, the subtle change of detail in line highlights distinctive quality.